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Mindset Matters

Cultivating a Positive Mindset to Increase Engagement
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We are living in challenging times. Even as we put a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic behind us, we face divisive politics, national security concerns, economic woes, and more. The number of issues out of our control can be daunting.


While many of the significant issues may be out of our control, we each have within us an incredible power to deal with chaos and confusion all around us. This incredible power is called mindset – the beliefs that shape how we make sense of the world and ourselves.


Our mindset matters. It profoundly impacts our personal and professional lives. How? Personally, it determines our success because our thinking pattern determines our inner dialogue, our inner dialogue determines our efforts and our efforts determine our success. And professionally, it allows us to contribute to a culture of employee engagement.


For the past two decades, Clint has traveled the world helping organizations strengthen their culture by improving employee engagement. He has impacted organizations by focusing on the mindset of employees and the skillset of leaders.


In this program, Clint will discuss the role we each play in creating a culture of engagement. He’ll share the multiple opposing mindsets that hold us back from being successful, with a focus on negativity vs. positivity. He’ll share some simple things we all can do to overcome negativity in our lives, and he’ll deliver his message in an entertaining and inspirational style!

This presentation is available in-person, virtually, or pre-recorded!
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